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RC Soar VT - Oktoberfest Fun Fly
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Green Mountain RC Club - Essex Junction, VT

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Our Club

We're passionate about radio controlled flight and we've put together an awesome RC club located in Essex Junction, VT. Our member community contributes their time and energies to making a great experience for our pilots and our spectators. Our grassy field is well maintained by the members and is provided to us by a gracious local farmer. On any given weeknight or weekend you're bound to find someone at the field taking their latest project into the sky enjoying the thrills, and satisfaction of flying RC. It's truly a wonderful hobby for all.

Our Members

Our members are an amazing group of pilots and mechanics. Radio controlled flying requires precision hand-eye coordination which comes with hours of training and practice. In addition, radio controlled planes and helicopters have many moving parts and require a lot of attention. It takes dedication to produce a quality aircraft that is tuned to perfection but the rewards are plentiful. Each aircraft has its own personality which reflects its builders taste and style. It's truly amazing to see all of the different planes and helicopters we have show up at the field.

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