Club Information

Club Officers

  • President – Al Reed
  • Vice President – Mark Berardo
  • Secretary / Treasurer – Chris Tall
  • Safety Officer – Jeff Kendrik
  • Member at Large – Tony Hoffman

Club History

This document lets you see the history of the club. Where it all began and how far we have come!

Club Newsletter

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Club Field

This is a little information about our field, if you are planning on visiting our field this is a great page to review before making the trip. For Spectators you can find out what areas you are allowed to be in, and for pilots you can see where you should park, setup, and fly.

Directions to the Field

This Page gives a detailed map of where our field is, and how to get from the main road down to the flying area.

Club By-Laws

Find out specifics about how the club operates. This document defines the structure of the club, officers, elections, and how to make changes to the club.  It also lays out membership and registration guidelines.

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